Beauty around the corner

Item 100 in Denise Richter‘s indispensable “100 Things to Do in San Antonio Before You Die(thanks again Ellen Watters for this great going-away gift!) seems an improbably listing.

Shades of Green is a nursery. They sell plants, garden accouterments, and gift items. They also happen to be located just behind the fenceline of our apartment complex. Living in an apartment I have little need for a nursery, but listing in the book and the building’s exterior beckoned.

Turns out, Shades of Green is an oasis. Its crushed stone and brick paths are lined with all manner of foliage, connecting to greenhouses dedicated to succulents, house plants, and exotics. There are cacti, Texas blooming trees, all kinds of flowers and shrubs, and plenty of gurgling fountains, whimsical sculptures, and potting vessels. The atmosphere is so calming and beautiful I wish it were a co-working space too (now there’s a concept!) I will visit this place for no other reason than it brings me joy. It’s closest equivalent in Saint Paul is the lovely Highland Nursery on West 7th.

As the boho houseplant revival has taken off (p.s. that aesthetic is totally my jam) and studies report the health benefits of bringing the outdoors in, I thought I might try to green up the old thumb. The staff at Shades of Green clearly love their work and are super knowledgeable. So now I’m the proud plant mom of 4 living, green things. Will they make it? Don’t know. Am I healthier? Not at the moment. But I truly enjoy the green leaves brightening up our space and knowing that in just a few blocks I can experience plant-based serenity.

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