Neither rain, nor sleet, nor totally soggy grass…

In my years of having tended a yard in Minnesota, I’ve been known to hurry out and cut the grass before an impending storm drops rain. There have also been Novembers (and God forbid, Octobers) where the snow comes without warning and there are still piles of leaves on the grass. I guiltily head out with a rake and create a muddy mess of snow, grass, dirt and leaves – fearful that I have somehow destroyed next year’s crop of Kentucky Blue Grass + weeds. I seem to have been taught from somewhere that one does not rake, mow, or otherwise disturb the grass when it’s wet because you’ll kill the roots or something.

Well here in San Antone, I’ve noticed that landscaping crews – which are ubiquitous at apartment complexes, commercial centers, and single-family HOA-enforced neighborhoods –are out doing their thing in the rain, immediately after it rains, or in standing water. Leaves are blown, grass is cut, and lawns are left with muddy tire treads where these workers have hewed to their schedule – weather be damned! I wonder if:

a) they have so many clients that SA landscapers must stick to their regular schedule regardless of weather

b) Texas soils and grass are hardier than Minnesota soils, or

c) it’s a myth that one does not disturb the grass when it’s wet.

Do you know?

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