Welcome to Antonio & Paul

What is this blog?  Well it’s several things. Primarily it’s my observations, opinions, and reflections about the two cities I’ve most recently called home: Saint Paul and San Antonio. Sometimes I compare them, sometimes I contrast them, sometimes I just go off on tangents. Sometimes I cheat and write about Minneapolis or Minnesota or all of Texas.

I’m curious about what links these two cities – named after Christian saints, connected by 1,580 miles of Interstate 35 (from Laredo, TX to Duluth, MN) and contained within states that border other countries and that seem to host radically different values, politics, and weather! I’m often gob smacked by places, events, and objects in my new city and state and want to share this amazement.

I also miss blogging for blogging’s sake. My last personal blog post was May 14, 2009 on the defunct live.eat.play twin cities blog. Seems like 2020 is a fine time to start anew.

I hope you’ll join me for this ride: give me pointers, share what you love or find bizarre in these places, and offer up your observations of these saintly cities!

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